Well done to all who participated in Dolphin Mile Surf Swim events in 2017. The completion of each and every Dolphin Mile Surf Swim is a significant achievement!

A truly unique series on the calendar of open water sea swim events, both locally and internationally. Benchmarks set during the DOLPHIN MILE SURF SWIM SERIES of 2017:

  • DOLPHIN MILE SURF SWIM SERIES events conducted from April to September
  • 764 individual swimmers, from ages 10 years through to 70+, participated in at least one Series’ event in 2017
  • 17 swimmers completing all 9 swims and 79 completing at least 6 swims
  • 251 swimmers being the highest number of entrants in a single 2017 event
  • 1881 sea miles, in total, completed by participants in the 2017 Series
  • 2133 the number of individual swimmers completing at least one Series’ event since 2010
  • swimmers awarded “50 Miler” medals for reaching this milestone for swims completed since 2010

Durban’s mild winter, with warm sunny days and little humidity, allows many the opportunity to be outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and balmy days of this time of year.

For many swimmers of wide-ranging ability, from the age of 10 years to 70+, their participation is simply because they enjoy the event as a personal challenge, and as part of a healthy lifestyle and exercise regimen.

With the increasing interest in open water swimming, sometimes forming part of growing triathlon event participation evident in recent years, swimmers seeking the additional challenge of a surf swim have joined the ranks and family of Dolphin Mile swimmers.

The completion of a single open water mile swim is a significant achievement in any person’s book of life experiences; an open water sea mile certainly takes that achievement up a notch or two!

Participation in the DOLPHIN MILE SURF SWIM SERIES, now at the close of its 9th year of existence, has reflected this growing interest amongst all sectors of South Africa’s population.

With the organizer’s emphasis on the promotion of swimmer participation, with a measure of recognition for elite performance, the success of this nationally unique and self-sustaining series can be largely attributed to the support of the Durban swimming fraternity.

A portion of each participant’s entry fee is applied in support of the newly-founded Dolphin Mile “LET’S SWIM”initiative.  The 2017 proceeds of this initiative allowed for a significant donation to MARINE SURF LIFESAVING CLUB (MSLC).  The funds will be applied to the purchase of an outboard motor for their inflatable rescue craft, used during the course of their public lifesaving duties and responsibilities along their stretch of beach, and additional large marker buoys for use in organized water sports events hosted by MSLC.

Registration for Dolphin Mile events is hosted in the impressive MSLC clubhouse on the promenade between Addington and uShaka Beaches on the Durban beachfront, and Series’ events are set to start on the beach near MSLC.

Swimmer safety is of paramount importance and all decisions made prior to, and during, an event are with this in mind.  The course is set, marshalled and patrolled by members of the Marine SLSC safety team with a crew in an inflatable craft, and others on surf skis and Malibu boards, under the watchful eye of the MSLC crew and Safety Officer, Mike Raubenheimer (SA Lifesavers’ Association), and event organizer, Heather Campbell.

Along with IT WORKS (assistance with technical services and website management) and TEGWEN AGENCIES (supply of branded product and apparel), thanks go to all who supported and contributed to the success of the DOLPHIN MILE SURF SWIM SERIES 2017.

Grateful thanks are also due to the Committee and supportive members of Marine Surf Lifesaving Club for making their wonderful facility available to the DOLPHIN MILE SURF SWIM SERIES’ participants and their families.

Thank you and ‘Well done’ to each and every participant and supporter of DOLPHIN MILE SURF SWIM SERIES events. You are winners all!!

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