BIG congratulations to all swimmers, especially “first timers”, who participated in Event #3 of the Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series 2018 on Sunday.  A commendable achievement in that which proved to be a true open water sea swimming experience!

Sunday’s sea conditions contributed to the most challenging of Dolphin Mile Series’ swims since early its inception 10 years ago.  The north-easterly wind had begun as a gentle breeze on Saturday afternoon, blown throughout the night, and then began strengthening as the sun rose.  This resulted in a steep chop on the water with spray beginning to lift off the wave crests and into the swimmers as the swim progressed.

The Safety Officer and the Organiser made a good and early call to allow only the Mile (1,6km) event to take place, announcing that the 2 Mile (3,2km) was to be postponed and to be held with the Mile swim of Series Event #4 on Sunday, 27 May 2018.

A good presence of seasoned Dolphin Milers at the registration of 219 swimmers in the Marine Surf Lifesaving Club helped settle the early “butterflies” of some of the entrants, as did the briefing by Safety Officer, Mike Raubenheimer, and the presence of a large contingent of Safety Crew in the water and on water craft.

A whistle at the beach start 150m south of MSLC had swimmers into the warm water, timing their swim through, and under, the sets of breakers.  Conditions appeared to suit the more seasoned surf swimmers and the school soon spread out through the broad zone of rolling and choppy surf to the pyramid buoy 100m off the beach.

A sharp left turn at this buoy and the swimmers stroked ahead, into the wind, on the leg north to the first turning buoy off Addington Beach.  A right turn at this inner buoy, a short stretch to another right turn at the seaward buoy, and it was the long 650 metre leg of the course south to the buoys off uShaka Pier.  Although with the wind, the swimmers on this leg had to contend with the uncomfortably sharp and rolling chop on the water.  Two right turns of the short turning leg off uShaka and it was a tough finishing swim into the wind, looking for the pyramid buoy off the beach.

From very early on in the swim, it was clear that a good number of very strong swimmers were giving their all in a “dice” to the finish.  Five swimmers were seen, bunched together, arms churning, causing a shower of spray, on their way to the pyramid buoy.  A single swimmer appeared to be able to surge forward to round ahead of the chasing pack.  This swimmer surged to the beach with a second swimmer breaking from the other three through the surf.

Very little separated the first 5 finishers as they exited the water with “21st Birthday Girl”, Sasha-Lee Nordengen, taking the honours ahead of Bevan Manson, Arno Gauche, Mark de Swardt and Joe Terblanche.

At risk of appearing not to fully recognize the outstanding efforts of many of the swimmers, at all level of ability and who completed the swim, special mention must be made of the inspirational achievements of Chad Gifford, Tracy McKay and Mike Emanuel.

Results were again quickly correlated and a brief prize giving was held in the Marine Clubhouse with proceedings completed by 9h00.

A brief summary table of event and age group category results for non-wetsuit for Sunday 20 May 2018 is as follows:

Category Male Female
First finisher   Sasha-Lee Nordengen
First male/female Bevan Manson Sasha-Lee Nordengen
M/F 10 to 12 Kaden Neilson Madison Alberts
M/F 13 to 30 Arno Gauche Sasha-Lee Nordengen
M/F 31 to 40 Bevan Manson Carina Hambloch
M/F 41 to 50 Trevor du Plessis Aritha du Bruin
M/F 51 to 60 Michiel Kemper Janine Serrurier
M/F 61 to 70 Ted Townsend Rita Townsend
M/F 71+ Les Hadenham Zoe Slade (wetsuit)


The start of a Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series event follows registration in the impressive Marine Surf Lifesaving Club clubhouse facility between Addington and uShaka Beaches.  The course is set, marshaled and patrolled by members of the Marine SLSC safety team with a crew in an inflatable, and others on surfskis and Malibu boards under the watchful eye of the MSLC crew and Safety Officer, Mike Raubenheimer, and event Organizer, Heather Campbell.  The course start and finish positions are adjusted for each of the Dolphin Mile events, according to prevailing surf conditions and in the best interests of the participating swimmers’ safety.

The size of more recent groups of entrants, both male and female from age ten through to seventy-plus years, indicates the growing appeal of the challenge of this event to all levels of participating swimmer. With the organizer’s emphasis on the promotion of participation, with a small measure of recognition for elite performance, the success of this nationally unique and self-sustaining series can be attributed to the support of the local swimming fraternity.  Also most supportive of the series are those who have come forward, donating product and the like for presentation to participants, in the form of lucky draw prizes, after each series event.

Results are quickly correlated and a brief prize giving is held in the Marine Clubhouse soon after 9h00, where participants are also able to enjoy the fare obtainable from the Club’s refreshment facility.

Marine SLC has, once again, agreed to host all events of the 2018 Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series.  A word of thanks, on behalf of the Dolphin Mile participants and organizers, must go to the Marine Surf Lifesaving Club members for inviting the Dolphin Mile Surf Swim participants to make use of their wonderful facility for these surf swim events.

Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series 2018 T-shirts will be on sale at the 5h45 to 6h30 registration (start 7h00) for the next event of the Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series on Sunday 27 May at Marine Surf Lifesaving Club.  Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series’ swim caps (compulsory for all swimmers) will also be issued, at a nominal cost to participants, on registration for the event.

SEE YOU AT THE 5h45 to 6h30 REGISTRATION (START AT 7h00) ON *SUNDAY 27 May 2018 at


*SWIM DISTANCES: Mile (1,6 km) and Double Mile (3,2 km)

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