What a way to close the 2019 Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series!

Near-perfect surf swim conditions…very little wind, small surf break on an outgoing tide and a flat sea!

Certainly a most welcoming sight, especially after the howling south-westerly wind of late Saturday,  to the 195 entrants gathering for registration in the Marine Surf Lifesaving Club, keen to put their unique mark on the closing event of the 2019 Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series.  Excitement ran high amongst Dolphin Mile “first timers”, all looking forward to registering a surf swim in their list of achievements and life experiences.

Congratulations to Janine Serrurier and Jimmy Hughes for joining the small group of Dolphin Milers to have notched 60 Miles.  Congratulations also go to Gary Kemp and Arjun Ramkaranon their completion of 20 Miles.

The school of swimmers took to the water at the starter’s whistle from the beach start of the coursedirectly in front of Marine Surf Lifesaving Club.  An easy entry through the shallows into the surf and the swimmers were stretching out forthe red pyramid buoy 100m off the beach.

A left turn north at the buoy and the swimmers spread out towards the buoys marking the short turning leg of the course offAddington Beach.  Two right turns and the swimmers were headed south on the longest (650m)stretch of the course to the turning leg buoys offuShaka Pier.  A further tworight turns had the school heading back to the pyramid buoy off the beach.  A left turn, aswim through the small surf breakand the finishers were at the marshal’s pen on the beach.

The lead swimmers were soon into their strokes at a good pace which saw the school stretch out along the length of the course.  Swimmers spread out with a few ability- and pace-groups forming along the course as the swim progressed, choosing to set their own pace to enjoy the 1600 metre swim.  By the time that the leaders were on the final stretch from uShaka Pier to the red pyramid buoy, clear gaps had opened between each of the top five swimmers and the first of the chasing groups.

1st out of the water in the 1.6km event was Matt Pelser in a time of 20min26, followed by Jacey Bekker and 1st lady Victoria Earle.

A change in the usual course for the 800m swimmers had them follow the same course as the swimmers of the longer distance up to the second yellow buoy off Addington Beach. From this mark they then swam back to the red pyramid buoy off the beach.  A 100m swim through the surf and they were through the finish area. A number of these swimmers, unintentionally and to their credit, completed a full Dolphin Mile after being caught up in the main group of swimmers and then following them around the full course!

At the opening of the brief 2019 Series’ prize giving held in the Marine Surf Lifesaving Club, organizer Heather Campbell thanked all who had participated in, and supported, the 2019 Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series. Major supporter of the Series, in the provision of venue and support and safety crew, was Marine Surf Lifesaving Club.  The supporter of the 2019 Series in the form of services, IT WORKS, was mentioned in the vote of thanks, as were all the volunteer assistants.  A huge thanks goes also to supporters of the prizes given for the event, namely Finis Swimwear, Classic Eyes, Marine & Bean and I4Beauty.  Thank you so much for your support of this event.

1963 individual swimmers took part in the Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series of nine events in 2019, an indication of the continued growth in the number of swimmers participating in open water sea swims.

Receiving recognition for their commitment and achievement were the 102 swimmers who participated in at least 6 of the 9 2019 Series’ events.  Special mention was made of the 26 swimmers who participated in all 9 of the 2019 Series events.

The above swimmers qualified (participation in at least six 2019 Series events and not wearing wetsuits) for receipt of 2019 Series age group prizes, awards being made to the top three 2019 Series’ finishers in each age group.

A check of Dolphin Mile Surf Swim statistics shows that 16 swimmers have now notched at least 50 MILES since 2010.

Our “50 MILERS” are:

Paul Judkins (76)

Barbara Lavett, Sandile Shange (72)

David Tennick (71)

Geoff Harrison (68)

Siva Padayachee (65)

John Barnes, Les Hadenham (64)

Peta Harrison (63)

Rocco Trollip (62)

Bryan Barker, John Love, Alexandra Torborg (61)

Jimmy Hughes, Pete Lavett, Janine Serrurier (60)

Trevor du Plessis, Dawn Lloyd (59)

Michiel Kemper, Helen Lucre (58)

Shenaaz Kazl (57)

Alan Gibb (55)

Aritha du Bruyn, Roy Thomson, Ian Wessels (54)

Byron Morrison (51).

Significant achievements all!

See table of results, with times, for Event #9 of the 2019 Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series under the “Dates and Results” 

A brief summary table of event and age group category results for Sunday 1 September 2019 is as follows:

Category Male Female
First finisher Matt Pelser Victoria Earle
M/F 10 to 12 Connor Porter Madison Alberts
M/F 13 to 30 Matt Pelser Victoria Earle
M/F 31 to 40 Travis McGarry Carina Hambloch
M/F 41 to 50 Stef van der Westhuizen Kim Watchurst
M/F 51 to 60 Michiel Kemper Barbara Lavett
M/F 61 to 70 Ted Townsend Rita Townsend
M/F 71 and over Jimmy Hughes


800 metres
Category Male Female
First Finisher Jake Borrageiro Cayley Nossiter(wetsuit)
M/F 10 to 12 Jake Borrageiro
M/F 13 to 30 Matthew Botha Cayley Nossiter(wetsuit)
M/F 31 to 40
M/F 41 to 50 Seena Singh
M/F 51 to 60 Malcolm Keeping
M/F 61 to 70 Claire Russell
M/F 71 and over



The start of a Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series event follows registration in the impressive Marine Surf Lifesaving Club clubhouse facility between Addington and uShaka Beaches.  The course is set, marshaled and patrolled by members of the Marine SLSC safety team with a crew in an inflatable, and others on surfskis and Malibu boards under the watchful eye of the MSLC crew and Safety Officer, Mike Raubenheimer, and event Organizer, Heather Campbell. The course start and finish positions are adjusted for each of the Dolphin Mile events, according to prevailing surf conditions and in the best interests of the participating swimmers’ safety.

The size of more recent groups of entrants, both male and female from age ten through to seventy-plus years, indicates the growing appeal of the challenge of this event to all levels of participating swimmer.

With the organizer’s emphasis on the promotion of participation, with a small measure of recognition for elite performance, the success of this nationally unique and self-sustaining series can be attributed to the support of the local swimming fraternity.

Results are quickly correlated and a brief gathering for announcements and a “lucky draw” is held in the Marine SLC Clubhouse soon after 9h00, where participants are also able to enjoy the fare obtainable from the Club’s refreshment facility.

Marine SLC host all events of the 2019 Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series. A word of thanks, on behalf of the Dolphin Mile participants and organizers, go to the Marine Surf Lifesaving Club members for inviting the Dolphin Mile Surf Swim participants to use their wonderful facility for these surf swim events.

Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series’ swim caps (compulsory for all swimmers) are issued, at a nominal cost to participants, on registration for events.

 The next DOLPHIN MILE event is the pre-Midmar Mile surf swim on Sunday 12 January 2020.5h45 to 6h30 registration at Marine SLC for a 7h00 start.





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