Honors Board

Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series

Acknowledgement of participation and achievement.

The Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series is a unique event on the South African open water swim scene. A guiding principle of the Dolphin Mile Swim Series is the promotion of open water ocean swimming among swimmers of all ages and ability and this Honours Board is an acknowledgement of the participation and achievement of all the swimmers that have taken part over the years. Participants are able to enjoy the challenge presented by a long ocean swim and experience the sense of achievement that comes with the completion of each mile swim. Elite swimmers have also been able to add their energy to the events.

Series participation medals will be presented to participants who achieve the milestones of completing their 10th; 20th; 30th; 40th; 50th; etc. Mile Swims. Participants are requested to collect their medals after each race in the Marine Surf Lifesaving Clubhouse. It is hoped that this innovation will continue to contribute to the great spirit of Dolphin Mile Series events, while encouraging all to “Keep on Swimming”.

*Please note The 800 meter swims being offered are intended to encourage swimmers to experience an open water ocean swim and, being significantly shorter distance, are not regarded as “Mile Series” qualifying events. Any token of recognition for participation in these 800m swims is at the sole discretion of the organisers.